You may think this little slime can’t do a thing, but you will never stop trying once you learn its capabilities. Join Slimey in this simple but very challenging arcade game called Slimey’s Quest! There are no missions once you start, and the quest here is to step onto that red button. The fun and adventure begins once it pressed, because the whole area will change. New platforms will appear and even monsters! You won’t get killed by these new enemies and you jump on them. But be careful on the spikes, because Slimey will surely get killed from them!

Run 2

Return back to space and run on that challenging track again. Find new ways to conquer these new tracks here in Run 2! Your mission in this game is same just like your last adventure. You need to control this alien and make sure it reaches the end of the track. You can still touch the walls and you will be able to rotate the whole track and run on that wall. There are now yellow spheres as well for bonuses. Now you can finally select another alien wearing roller skates. But you should remember that the difficulty of the controls is also changed.

Wheely 3

Wheely has now a new life with his beloved car. But things doesn’t end up well as always in his new adventures, in this puzzle and physics game called Wheely 3. The story is you need to find a new wheel for her. The you got kidnapped by evil cars and placed you as hostage. What you must do is to escape the evil cars and find out the villain. Activate switches, levers, and wheels to make various objects work. Solve the puzzles so you can escape buildings, deserts and more locations. You must reach the red flag in each area in order to complete that level.


Hold that gun tight for some fun and serious action in a pixilated world. Check your ability to survive attacks in this arcade themed shooting game called EMIT! The mission here is to control this small robot and survive the attacks of enemies. These enemies are soldiers, trucks with machine guns, airplanes, and giant tanks. Shoot them without stop or else you will lose health and die. Pick up any coins that will appear to add health or upgrade your gun’s firepower. Your robot will also level up and you can add points to its health, attack or jumping ability.

Medieval times really is a time of war and bloodbath. And it’s all thanks to this rampaging shark in this action-packed game called Medieval Shark. The mission is simple; to kill all the humans, fishes, and monsters like mad. You can also destroy the buildings, flying ships, castles and boats around. You will earn points for each kill you make and you must earn many points before the timer runs out. You will also see chests under the sea that will give you weapons like morning star for extra damage. See if you can also get records by killing dragons and monsters quickly.

In the midst of war, the wisest commander always wins. Show them your battle strategies in this epic tower-defense and card collecting game called Prime World:  Defenders! You must complete missions and defend the source of energy from the invading monsters and soldiers. You must create towers from the cards you have and place them on the panels in the field. Each tower has their unique ability, so use the perfect combination to defend your altar. Take note that every time you deploy a tower, its price also increases so you need to pay attention too. You will gain more cards as you finish challenging missions in the game!