Key & Shield

Granted with only a shield a key to your cage, this little creature is now facing bigger adventures ahead. Help him rescue his other friends in this simple but challenging game called Key & Shield! Your mission here is to rescue the creatures called Babas. Move your character from platform to platform by jumping. You can use your shield to start gliding in mid air. This skill will help you get coins in above your or glide to the next platform that is far from you. There are also enemies you must avoid and you can use the shield to reflect their fireballs.

 This scarecrow is surely brave to run on the edges of the platform without stop. Help him reach his destination in this fun arcade and adventure game called Run Robert Run, or also known as the Adventure of Robert the Scarecrow. What you must do is simply jump from platform to platform and get the farthest distance possible. Your character has the ability to glide on the air but it will consume stamina. Aside from ravines, you will also encounter fireballs rushing in front of you. Avoid them or else your scarecrow will burn. There are also bosses along the way that shoots more fireballs.

If you want to live the life of a Viking Chieftain, then start rowing the boat for this fun strategy game. Move your Vikings to victory here in Frozen Islands: New Horizon. The main focus in this game is to move your boat in the sea and capture all the islands around. Deploy the Vikings and let them have a rumble with the tribes. Once you conquered the island, you can collect tax and earn gold. Use that gold to upgrade your Vikings. But do not be a greedy Viking because the island may rebel against you. You can earn more gold each time you attack an island.

It’s not over yet for these cool LEGO blocks tuned and built to become the best pull back racer on the race track. Join the thrilling race with other LEGO racers here in LEGO Technic: Pullback Racer 2.0! Just like your previous goal, you just need to pull your LEGO racer and try t get the longest ride. Your energy will slowly deplete and you will be put to a complete stop once it’s out. Collect the LEGO gears to fill your speed boost gauge and dash through the race track. Move your racer swiftly and avoid crashing onto the barricades.

It really is a complete nightmare if you’re up against hordes of monsters. But if you’re very good at fighting, then you can survive in this action-packed survival game called Knightmare Tower. Launch yourself up high inside the tower and locate all the princesses being held captive. You will encounter lots of monsters, but you can slash them and hoist yourself up. As you go higher inside the nightmare tower, the monsters become stronger and harder to kill. Fortunate for you, the game features a shop where you can buy upgrades for your knight’s power, armor, and even carrying potions.

Run 3

It is back to explore the far reaches of outer space again. It’s going to be another tiring challenge here in Run 3! You will be using this small alien again in the game. Your mission like before is to run inside the corridor and reach the finish line. Once you reach the finish line, the next level will automatically start. You need to really careful as you run. There are gaps on the floors that could lead to your fatal end if you fall. You can rotate the corridor if you try to run on the sides. Collect power cells as well so you can purchase different power ups.

Crazy Skater

This little boy ain’t sane enough to stop riding with his skateboard. But if you’re a good skateboarder, then you might accomplish the challenges here in Crazy Skater. Control your character and reach the finish line as safely as you can. Jump over cans, benches, and boxes. Or dash through the ramps. But if your character got injured, the level will fail and you need to start over again. Pick the coins as you dash to get some money. Executing different tricks like ollie and flips will give you more money. Visit the shop, then buy and unlock new cool skateboards

More boss monster are back to destroy the planet, and you need to defeat them once again here in Epic Boss Fighter 2. Epic Boss Fighter 2 is a combination of survival and shooting genres in one game. The objective here is to move your hero and shoot all the boss monsters you will encounter. Each boss monster has a certain weakness and that’s the only part you needs to shoot. But do move quickly because you will get a rain of projectiles from the monsters that can defeat your character. Collect lots of coins and make sure you get enough to buy armors, weapons, and even drones.