¬†Journey through time and witness how each kingdom fell to the ground. You will be the siege master that will destroy them here in Sieger: Rebuilt to Destroy! The objective in this game is to destroy the castle or structure of the enemy and make sure all tenants are eliminated inside. Be sure to use a minimal amount of projectile used to get a “brilliant victory”. Peasants will appear on higher levels as you progress. Be sure to avoid getting them caught in the crossfire or else the level will fail. The game also features a Castle Builder function where you can try your own designs of castles.

The corporation that planned to destroy Earth is still on the move. Control your robot again to defeat the enemies in this shooting game known as Quantum Patrol 2! You will be sent on various missions and you need to follow the objective to complete the mission successfully. Shoot all the enemies using your machine gun or change to a different weapon for better damage. Finish the required side missions for achievements and gain more cash. Once you’re done with the mission, you can visit the shop menu and buy new weapons, or upgrade the stats of your robot fighter.

Our great red car is back on a new adventure. Join him once more in this fun kiddy puzzle game called Wheely 4: Time Travel. The story now is about Wheely trying to repair his flat tire. But he instead activate a device for time travelling. Help him escape the different timelines by solving puzzles. Interact with the objects and carefully think what is the purpose of each object. There are 3 energy capsules you need to collect in order to time travel. You also need to solve each challenge and puzzle quickly in order to get a perfect star rating.


Explore the mysteries of the earth by digging deep. Unravel the treasures you will find in this fun and addictive game called Diggy! The story is about a creature named Diggy looking for  a special truffle. Your task now is to use your drill and dig as deep as you can to get it. Each time you use the drill, you will consume energy. And once the energy gauge is empty, the day ends. Use your radar and collect all the gems and other treasures underground for cash. Save up enough cash and then start upgrading your equipment to get even deeper underground.

Berry Rush

The cute little girls from Strawberry Shortcake are here to explore a magical world. Help them explore the fields in this run-and-jump 3D game called Berry Rush! You will take control of the character Strawberry Shortcake herself. The aim here is to run and achieve the farthest distance possible. Move the character or slide down to avoid crashing on towers, rocks, leaves, and even giant flowers. Pick up lots of strawberries along the way to increase your overall score. The game also features a shop where you can buy new characters and enhance the power-ups by using the gold you’ve collected.

Mad Day

It’s a nice and cosy day together with your pet Fluffy the octopus. Then an unexpected invasion of aliens took place and kidnapped your pet. Rescue Fluffy quickly in this survival and shooting game called Mad Day! Your character will drive the truck and your only mission here is to help him by shooting the aliens that will appear along the way. You also need to make your truck jump to avoid crashing on the bombs, spaceships, and huge alien creatures. Collect the gold coins on the track and use them to upgrade your truck and get an edge against the alien bosses!

These potatoes are tired of being put into the stove or turning them into chips. Now they are back for revenge against the farmers in this fun fast-paced game called Potato Rebellion! You need to defend from the attacking potatoes and make sure they don’t enter the ranch. The technique here is to smash them up by tapping on their bodies. Getting multiple smashes without missing will earn you combos and can reward you with bigger points. Use traps to slow down other potatoes when you’re in trouble. The combo gauge will also stack the multiplier and can lead to an Apocalypse Combo with higher points reward!

You’re busy reading the paper and enjoying the peace in outer space. Then all of a sudden a giant space monster attacked your ship. Now you must escape this event, here in Stroll in Space. The goal here is to move your character dressed in spacesuit and locate the teleporter or warp device in each area. Once you stepped on it, you will be then transported to your next place. But this is not a simple task for you will be solving lots of puzzles to access new areas. Not only that, you also need to avoid certain obstacles like the tentacles and power cables.

Start munching and start travelling. Get to know how far you can go in this fun survival game, along with Mr Fat Snake! You will control a funny-looking snake inside a weird cave. The game’s mechanic is pretty simple; guide the snake inside and make sure you travel the farthest distance possible. But it’s not an easy journey because you will encounter lots of blocks along the way. Be sure to dodge them or else you will crash and end your journey. There are also lots of monsters as well. Eat as many of them as you can to rack up your points!