These bad black vehicles are at it again. Stop their plans of ruining the city’s roads here in Vehicles 3: Car Toons. Your task in this game is to remove them from the platforms. You can do this with the help of the friendly vehicles; the fire truck, police car, and ambulance. You need to ram them or use various devices to complete this task. And not only that, you only need to follow the laws of the road by parking on the correct area. If your vehicle falls off from the platforms, you will fail that level and try again.

Pyro Jump

It’s a sizzling love but full of danger. This candlelight needs your help to reach the princess here in Pyro Jump. The task here is very simple but can be really challenging. You need to guide the candlelight by jumping from barrel to barrel until you reach the princess. If the candlelight falls off, it will die and you need to start from the beginning again. Collect as many of the flames on each level to get a high rating. You will also get a timer on each level. And this will record how fast you finish that certain level.

4444 Game

Enter a stunning world full of thrilling action and mind-bending challenges. See if you have what it takes to conquer this puzzle game called 4444! The goal in this game to create one big square using the 4 small squares. You should place the square with the same color to combine them. There are also monsters you need to eliminate. If you let these monsters inside a big square, it will get cut in 4 pieces again with a random color. You will fail the level if the smallest square is killed. Use various tiles to defeat them and create squares faster!

Leaders in battle should think quickly in difficult situations. You will experience the challenge of commanding hundreds of soldiers here in Control Craft 3. The mission you need to accomplish is to capture all the towers in each level. To accomplish this, you must send in your troops from tower to tower. Each tower you control has a certain number. You can send the whole amount of only half of that number on any tower. These numbers will determine how strong your units are, and the defense of your towers. After each successful mission, you will be awarded with stars and money that you can spent on upgrades in the shop.

Your high-speed battle on the road is almost at its end. Put everything behind you to get a new life with your new car here in Lose the Heat 3. You will not locate new areas anymore, and all you have to do is reach the finish line without crashing. The police cars are still on your tail trying to arrest you. Be sure to destroy them or else you will get arrested. Activate your back-up truck when it’s ready to defend your car from the police. Hitting the orange light on the road will activate traps as well that can eliminate any police car caught in it.

Conquer the skies and show the power of your helicopter. Eliminate all the threats now in this action-packed 3D game called RotorStorm! The mission you need to accomplish is fly your helicopter and destroy as many enemies as you can until you reach the helipad. There are 3 modes you can choose from in this game; Easy, Normal, and Hard mode. Dodge the enemy’s attacks or else you will suffer damage and lose lives. You will also need to face big bosses in order to complete the mission. Be sure to pick up the power ups as well to increase the firepower of your helicopter.

After various mission, you now find yourself in a mission for love. Join our driver once again to master the roads here in Lose the Heat 2! Your objective here is the same like your last adventure. What you need to do here is to drive your car ad reach the destination as safely as possible. You also need to keep track on your time and get there before it runs out. And unlike before, you can now activate the 18 wheeler whammy where you can smash the police cars trying to chase you. Try to find the secret suitcases as well to unlock a new car.

Lose the Heat

They only take give the task to the best wheel-man in the city. Show them you’re the right driver in this fast-paced 3D driving game called Lose the Heat. You need to accept missions from different clients and make sure you follow the instructions. Drive your car and reach the destination as quickly as possible. The cops will try to chase you so you need to shake them down by hitting the orange lights. These will activate traps to stop them. Collect various items on the road to increase your points, and repair the damages you took on your car.

Remodel Racing

Being good in driving is not enough, you also need to know how to level up your ride. Learn how to remodel your car as a champ here in Remodel Racing! The task you need to do here is to become the champion of a racing event. You need to finish in first place as much as possible so you can unlock the other levels. But in order to get easy wins, you need to customize your race car. Save up gold coins by finishing a race or picking them up n the track. Use your coins to customize your race car both inside and outside.