The dragon has captured the princess and taken her somewhere on a far away land. You will need some strength and some quick hands to save her in this role playing themed game called Baron’s Gate 2! Your main mission here is to control your character and get to the exit as safely as you can. You will encounter skeletons and other monsters on the platforms. Be sure to aim your bow swiftly and eliminate them. You will also get other items with magic powers from treasure chests. If you want other items, you can also visit the shop and purchase from there.

Accurate Boy

This boy’s little pirate ship has gone down the sewers and you will need a cool gadget to get it back. See if you can get it back in this physics and puzzle game called Accurate Boy. The main focus here is to place back the toy pirate ship back on the pipes. But there are lots of creatures or monsters that are blocking it. Use your gun that shoot outs a plunger to pull out the monsters off the platforms. The faster you put the toy pirate ship on the pipe, the higher the score you will receive and also get a perfect star rating.

Spy Car

Go full throttle and become a secret agent trying to secure vital information. Drive fast in this action-packed game called Spy Car! The main focus here is to drive your car and reach the destination or the end of the track as safely as you can. There are no timers here but you will face lots of enemies along the way. Your car will automatically shoot the enemies so you just need to control your car on the platforms. Be sure to grab the health items to repair your car. Once you receive the money, check the shop if there are new weapons you can buy.

Escaping a prison sure is a dangerous mission. But if you can combine the strength of these two brothers, everything will be possible here in Money Movers. What you must do is simply reach the exit somewhere on the platform. Reach the exit so that you can access the next level. But keep in mind that you must control both characters and reach the exit. Use your brother as a platform to reach new areas. You can also use the smaller brother’s speed to get past security. The levels also have 3 money bags scattered around. See if you can grab all of these money bags to earn perfect ratings.

Your vehicle has crashed onto something and you’re now in the middle of nowhere with lots of zombies surrounding you. Survive the rampage of the undead in this fun survival and defense game called Dead Rampage! Your primary mission here is to build the distress beacon near your broken down vehicle. Once the beacon is fixed, your rescue is assured. But it will take a long time to finish it because you will need to defend yourself from wave of zombies and other creatures that will try to eliminate you. Shoot them down using your gun and loot their gold. You will also level up and learn different upgrades.

Zombies are everywhere and all your guards have become zombies as well. You will need more than just a castle if you want to survive their invasion here in Zombie at the Gates. The plan is to create a flying castle and you must gather materials by destroying objects near you. But beware because zombies might appear and you can get hurt. Use your melee weapon to attack them or your bow to shoot arrows from long distances. Save up the gold coins after a successful defense and buy yourself new weapons and other power-ups for your king to survive.

That yellow vehicle that can load up heavy objects is back for the fifth time to prove its skills. See if you can handle more challenges in this physics and puzzle game called Truck Loader 5. What you must do in this platform-based game is still the same; to place the crates inside the truck. Once the crate is placed perfectly in the yellow spot or location, the level will be then completed. Be sure to press the buttons to activate gates and elevators to get the other crates. Some crates can be destroyed and you should be very careful when lifting them up with your magnet.

The world of old-school gangsters are full of dirty business and you want it. With your driving skills and wits, go join the mafia in this action game called Made in Mafia. What you must do here is accept missions to impress your mafia lord. There are different missions to choose from and you can repeat them again. Some of the mission may require you to safely reach the target destination, eliminate enemy gangs, and deliver important goods to your boss. You will receive some cash that can help you buy guys for your gang members. You can also get new cars too with better speed.

The earth was supposed to be a nice have until the aliens have taken the planet. Now the whole planet is polluted because of the nuclear war and you must get to the next safe haven here in Earth Taken; a cool adventure and shooting game with nice features. Your mission here is to control your character and locate the next safe haven. Use your gun to shoot down aliens that you will find. There are also food rations and gas masks that you can salvage from houses or dead bodies. Trade up the food for other items and new guns.

Combine an powerful bazooka with a powerful mind and you get one of the coolest boy in arcade. Join him as he solve numerous puzzles here in Bazooka Boy: Level Pack. What you should accomplish here is destroy the gold blocks using your bazooka. Once all the gold blocks are destroyed, you get to complete the level automatically. There are other blocks with colors and they can trigger different effects. As you get to the higher levels, these blocks will challenge you with puzzles and can trap you for a longer time. You can always restart the level in case you got stuck.