The treasure at the ancient temple will be lost if you don’t move quickly. Find a way to escape from level to level in this platform game called Duke Dashington – Gentleman and Scholar. The focus here is to get to the exit as safely as possible. Ricochet off the walls until you get there. There are also traps inside the temple. If you hit them, the level will restart again. There’s also a timer on each level and should be fast before it runs out. The temple will crumble if your timer reaches zero. Finish all levels and unlock new temples to explore.

The monsters are still back and you still have your duty to take them out. Solve new puzzles along the way in this simple yet challenging physics and puzzle game called Cut the Monster 3! Just like your last version, your goal here is to eliminate all the monsters placed on the platforms. Once you have taken out these monsters, the level will be then completed. There are also other devices that you can use to eliminate these monsters. Be sure to solve these puzzles or else you might fail the level. See if you can collect the stars too to gain perfect star ratings.

It’s feeding time and this cute little kitty will do anything to get those fishes. See if you can get this little kitty to the food safely in this physics game known as Cats ‘N’ Fish. What you must accomplish here is simply transport the cat to the box of fish that is located somewhere in the area. Once the cat is inside the box, the level will be completed. Use your spring accurately to transport the kitten. If the cats falls into the chasm, it will re-spawn back at the starting position again. Try to collect the golden fishes too for better ratings.

The rabbit is in trouble and someone should wake the critter up. Wake the Rabbit is a challenging platform game with lots of twists to offer. your task here is to wake the rabbit up. This rabbit is sleeping somewhere on the platform. Once you bump the rabbit, the level will be automatically completed. Your monster character has the ability to stick on the walls and you can jump on higher platforms. There are also secret items in each level and you should go find them all. Get to the rabbit as quickly as possible to get higher points.


Bend the dimensions as if they were just pieces of a puzzle. That’s what you’re going to experience if you want to escape in this challenging pixel-art themed puzzle game called Faultline. Control your robot on the platform and locate the exit to win the level. The paths are closed and you will need to open them by connecting the two nodes. Once you connect these nodes, a fault line will be create and the dimensions will be pulled. Use this unique feature to solve puzzles and open up new areas. These feature can also help you avoid getting eliminated by the traps.

Alien Thief

They have invaded the planet not because they want the planet itself. The aliens are here to steal cows and get milk for their babies, in this physics and platform game known as Alien Thief. Move your UFO or spaceship and then locate the cow somewhere in the area. You will need ti lift it up and place it on the teleporter. The level will be completed once all the cows are teleported. Be sure to fly your spaceship carefully or else you might hit the mines and lasers. Try to collect stars too and transport other animals to gain bonus points.

The princess is taken captive by bandits and other bad guys in the land. The king has ordered you to rescue her using a bunch of cute soldiers in this strategy game called Brave Shorties. Go to each level and attack the enemies with your own units. Place the soldiers and archers carefully on your field to form the best defense. As you proceed to the higher levels, you will be able to get extra soldiers. New types of units like wizards and spearmen will be unlocked too. Destroy the treasure chests to earn gold and upgrade the stats of your men.

Your brave little chick managed to escape the coop. But a new adventure awaits and you must help him in this medieval-themed platform game called Crest Breakout 2! Your little chicken will run on the platform and you just need to make it fly and jump on the platforms. If you don’t move quickly, the chick will crash on the deadly traps and you will fail the level. You must reach the end of these platforms to locate the princess. Be sure to collect lots of gems along the way. If you manage to collect enough gems, you will get perfect three-star ratings.

Your ticket to escape the planet of zombies is cancelled. A new mission starts now as you try to escape again in this platform-themed zombie adventure game called Zombotron 2. You are rescued by other survivors and they will help you. Your mission now is to gather parts of the ship around the areas. Move your character on the platforms and find them. Be sure to shoot down the skeletons and zombies in the area. Open treasure chests to get gold and extra ammunition too. If you want new weapons or extra ammo, just get to the shop and trade it with your earned gold.

Out of Wind

The flying village needs wind but everything is gone. The windmills have stopped working and you need to fix it up in this puzzle and physics game called Out of Wind. What you must do here is simply put power to the windmills. Place the gears on the pegs under the ground and connect them. There are different number of pegs and only a single path is correct. You must also take note that your gears have different sizes and they are also limited. There are no time limits here but you should try to solve each puzzle as fast as you can.