Zombies have roamed through the city because of an unknown virus. Join a special team of zombie exterminators in their hunt for zombies and survivors, only here at Zombo Buster Rising. While the other members, locate survivors, you need to defend your headquarters from attacking zombies. Shoot all the enemies with your gun before they enter the place. If you let them escape, you will lose health and ratings as well. You will receive cash for each zombie you take down, and you can use that money to upgrade your character’s stats. Plus, you will get assistance from survivors too.

This cute feathery creature may be a bit small and fragile, but never underestimate its will to grab freedom. See if you can surpass the simple yet challenging challenges of this puzzle game called Crest Breakout. The aim here is to guide the chick out of the hen house or its nest. Once you manage to put it on the portal or exit, the level is completed. To do this, you must interact with the objects given on each level. Move the fans and rotate them so you can lift the chick to different directions. Try to collect all golden eggs for a higher score.

Free Fred

You’ve been friends with this cute dolphin for a long time. Now, greedy people have captured him and you’re the only one who can save Fred. The aim this game is to defend yourself from wave after wave of enemies until you reach the final checkpoint. Shoot down helicopters, cruisers, jetskis, and many more in order to save your companion. When you surpass a certain checkpoint, you will receive multipliers for the money you’ve obtained. Be sure to upgrade your boat’s damage and health stats so you can go farther. New boats will be unlocked as well as you continue to reach more checkpoints.

The kingdom is in peril because of the goblins invasion. Time to hail some arrows and eliminate the nasty goblins with the help of Bobby Da Arrow. The task is simple; aim and shoot. You just need to eliminate all the goblins and slimes attacking on each level. Once the area is cleared, you moved on to the next level. You will get perfect 3 stars if you can take them out with few shots. Not only that, you must also help the people being taken as prisoners by the goblins. Rescue them first before removing the enemies to get 3 stars.

Live the life of a gangster and make your boss really proud. A work is not too dirty until you pull the trigger in this shooting game called Gangster’s Way! As the new recruit of a mafia family, you need to impress them by completing dangerous missions. Some of these missions are eliminating gang leaders, escorting money, and many more. You will be awarded with some money after each successful mission. Use that to buy new guns or car upgrades. Your rank will also get high and you will be able to unlock new guns, new cars, and even hire mercenaries!


¬†From land, to sea, and to space – you will be able to experience them all while guiding this character named Joops. The task here is to control the character as it flies on the screen. You will encounter floating mines so you must move quickly to dodge them. Each location has a certain length of distance you need to travel. Once you completed that distance, you will unlock new locations and can travel underwater or even in space. The power-ups will also help you get a farther distance and temporary shield against the floating mines. Don’t forget to use the stars to upgrade your character.

The “X” has marked the spot, and these pirates will attack that island to get the treasure. Join these lads against the legion of the undead here in Pirate vs Undead. The goal here is to eliminate the undead monsters in each level. Deploy pirates on the lane where enemies appear. Each deployed pirate costs an certain amount of gold so you need to think for the best strategy. Once you have eliminated all the enemies, the level is completed and a new location will be unlocked. You can also add more pirates by recruiting them using the gold you’ve earned.


Live the action just like the Expendables in this fun shooting game. Gather up your bros and eliminate all the threat here in Broforce. What you must do here is control your character and kill all the terrorists stationed on the platforms. Locate your bros and add them to your team. Each character has a different weapon and special attack. But you must act quickly because these terrorists can shoot back and might get you killed. When your character is killed, it will switch back to the last character you rescued. Find the terrorist leader and kill him to finish each mission.

Mushrooms are your source of happiness. But you happiness will be replaced with anger when you see all these critters trying to steal them, here in Mushroom Madness. Your goal in each level is to eliminate all the creatures that will try to steal your mushrooms. Don’t let them take them all away or else you will fail. Use your spatula and swat them dead. Aside from your spatula, there are also free guns you can use in other levels to eliminate these critters quickly. Complete the side missions on each level to gain perfect ratings and money to buy upgrades.


These folks sure love their country and probably their television. And they will stop at none to defend themselves from zombies in this shooting game called Zombuddies! What you must do here is to simply shoot all the zombies coming, using your crossbow. Once you have eliminated all the zombies, the level will be completed. You will also encounter bosses as well as you progress through the game. You will earn gold from each zombie you will kill, and you can use your money to unlock more types of arrows. You can also upgrade them as well and raise their stats.