Now’s your chance to be the most powerful person in the kingdom. But you can do that if you can complete her request in this fun defense and action game called Castle Knight! The task given to you by the princess is to protect her castle from the monsters. Use your bow and arrow to shoot from afar. And if they get near, you can switch to a sword to eliminate them. Pick up the power-ups dropped by the princess to help you finish each wave successfully. Collect as many coins as you can so you can upgrade the castle and your weapons.

The race to become the best cookie driver and also for your survival is about to start. Escape that huge creature now in this wacky racing game called Ice Cream Racing. Your focus here is not just racing with other cars made out of sweets, but also escaping a crocodile trying to eat you up. The game allows you to use different power-ups to attack and slow down your opponent’s cars. But you should beware they can do the same to you. Collect as many cookies as you can and purchase different upgrades or cool power-ups for your race car.

Steel Jack

As a knight and guard of the castle you should be sleeping. But you laziness has brought peril to the kingdom and so all the riches including the king has been taken away by an ugly witch, here in Steel Jack. Your focus here is to make sure Steel jack reach the end of the track safely. You will encounter lots of obstacles along the way and you can avoid them by jumping over. You can also use your sword to destroy these obstacles and other monsters as you progress in the higher levels. And don’t forget those shiny rubies to keep your perfect ratings.

Mutants have come knocking in front of your door and they want more toxic wastes to get strong. It’s time for an action-packed and fast-paced battle in this game called Wild Wasteland. Your goal here is to keep your character stay alive on the field for as long as possible. There will be a boss in the end and you must defeat it in order to access the next wave. Avoid the projectiles of your robotic mutants or else your character will be eliminated. Your character can use special skills to defeat the mutants faster. You get to upgrade your character as well using the toxic wastes capsule.

Spam the paint over the tracks with these little racing vehicles. Paintball Racers will surely test both your driving and survival skills on the race track. Select a level and compete in a 1-on-1 race with another race car. The game features paint balls that you can shoot to slow and eliminate your opponents. One of your problems is that these opponent race cars can also shoot you too. Use different power-ups if you have them to get and edge against your opponents. There are also other new race cars you can unlock and purchase once you get enough cash.

When your dreams becomes a real nightmare, the only thing you can do is drive fast. Help your small car survive the monster cars here in Car Eats Car 2 Deluxe! The mission here is to drive your car and reach the gas station safely. Balance your red car and avoid turning it upside down when you jump off the ramps. You will be chased down by monster cars and try to eat you. Be sure you have speed boosts or bombs to get away from them! Collect as many diamonds and gears as you can to purchase upgrades or gadgets.

More of these zombies in the Wild West land have come to feast on you. Defend yourself and get ready for some spicy action here in Tequila Zombies 3: thing to Die For! In this game, you now get to play other characters. What you must do is select a level and defend yourself from wave after wave of zombies and other monsters. Once you manage to progress on your previous map, a new map will be unlocked. Each character has their own set of skills as well that you can use to eliminate zombies faster. Don’t forget to collect the cash and unlock new weapons.