And just when you thought your monster blasting days are over, come a new challenge. You need to charge up your cannon for the third time here in Laser Cannon 3. The objective is to eliminate all the monsters in each area by any way possible. Once the monsters re dead, you get to enter the next level. You can zap the monsters using the laser cannon directly, or use the objects around and kill them in various ways. Each time you shoot, the star gauge is depleted so you must use minimum shots to get a high rating and score.

The world is always divided by good and bad. And you will see that problem too in this puzzle game called Good Fish, Bad Fish. The goal here is to make the good fish fall into the water. You just need to slice up the platforms to make the good fish fall. Once they are in the water, the level is considered a success. There are also bad fishes, and you need to kill them. Make sure they don’t fall into the water or else the level will fail. Try to minimize the number of slices to get higher points.


You will surely say “Ooh!” when you start the loopy craze of this game. Make sure you have enough patience in this very challenging game called “oO”! The goal in this game is to transfer the white orb inside the circle onto another circle. You must reach the last circle with the black area to complete the level. This can be done by making it pass on the line where the next circle is touching it. If the move fails, the white orb will just roll outside the circle. Avoid the spikes or else your white orb will be destroyed and start again from the last checkpoint.

The monsters are back infesting the area. Time to put the cannon again back to firing strength here in Laser Cannon 2! Your mission is to eliminate all the monsters again in each level. Make them fall into the lava, blast them with explosive barrels, or crush them with heavy objects to kill them. The level will be completed once all monsters are dead. Now, you can move the laser cannon’s body on the rail tracks. This will help you get good shot. You also have the ability to charge up the laser cannon’s shots. The cannon’s shots have a limited amount per level.

Laser Cannon

The monsters are invading your place. And the only way to eliminate these monsters is by using the Laser Cannon! Your mission here is to eliminate all the monsters in each level. Once the monsters are defeated, the level will be a success. You can use the toxic barrels to create explosions and kill the monsters. You can also use the platforms by shooting the chains to squish them. Or use the laser cannon and ricochet the laser to zap them. The lesser the shots used will also mean more number of stars. Aim for perfect three stars on each level.

Have a little stop in Papa Louie’s store where every donut is here. Yes, you get to manage donuts this time here in Papa’s Donuteria! This cooking simulation game lets you build up donuts. You must take the orders from the customers and follow the donut recipe they want. You must move quickly and fry the donuts. Then you need to put strawberry or chocolate filling if that is the order. Lastly will be the icing and sprinkles. The customer will rate your work on different categories. If they like the donuts, they will give you lots of tips that you can use to buy items inside the donut store.


These bad black vehicles are at it again. Stop their plans of ruining the city’s roads here in Vehicles 3: Car Toons. Your task in this game is to remove them from the platforms. You can do this with the help of the friendly vehicles; the fire truck, police car, and ambulance. You need to ram them or use various devices to complete this task. And not only that, you only need to follow the laws of the road by parking on the correct area. If your vehicle falls off from the platforms, you will fail that level and try again.

Pyro Jump

It’s a sizzling love but full of danger. This candlelight needs your help to reach the princess here in Pyro Jump. The task here is very simple but can be really challenging. You need to guide the candlelight by jumping from barrel to barrel until you reach the princess. If the candlelight falls off, it will die and you need to start from the beginning again. Collect as many of the flames on each level to get a high rating. You will also get a timer on each level. And this will record how fast you finish that certain level.

4444 Game

Enter a stunning world full of thrilling action and mind-bending challenges. See if you have what it takes to conquer this puzzle game called 4444! The goal in this game to create one big square using the 4 small squares. You should place the square with the same color to combine them. There are also monsters you need to eliminate. If you let these monsters inside a big square, it will get cut in 4 pieces again with a random color. You will fail the level if the smallest square is killed. Use various tiles to defeat them and create squares faster!