This robot will only use his tricks to get out of the planet. Help this robot named Rick in solving many puzzles here in Tricky Rick! Your main focus here is to grab the fuel cans or containers and carry it to the exit. Once you grab a fuel can, the exit will appear. Rick the robot will encounter evil robots along the way. Help him stun these enemies by throwing his head. If these evil robots touched you, the level will fail. You can also pick up various items in some levels that will help you access new areas and reach higher platforms.


When you’re supposed to be sleeping soundly, here comes the officers trying to take you out. Get your vengeance against all the people of the city in this action brawl game called Hobo. The main focus here is to defeat all the people you will see in the area. You can only progress in the next part of the area once all of them are defeated. The hobo can use various attacks like punching and kicking to eliminate his enemies. Once you enter a new area, you will be given a new combo you can use to attack. There are also passwords that will be given so you can enter various checkpoints.

 From the From city to prison, the hobo is now the most wanted person doing bad acts in his path. The military is now onto him in this 4th version of Hobo here in Hobo 4: Total War. Just like before, simply move your character Hobo and beat up all the military persons around you. Pick up their guns and knives as weapons for your character. You can still use your punch and kick moves to attack. Be sure to eliminate all the enemies in order to move on the next area. You can go to certain checkpoints by using the passwords given to you.

Because of the Hobo’s all-out brawl, he now ends up in jail. See if you can help him escape the prison in this funny action game called Hobo Prison Brawl! The objective again in this game is to control Hobo and beat up all the prisoners around. You also need to defeat the police officers in order to access the next area. You can use you punching and kicking to attack the bad guys. Not only that, you can also pick up various objects like chairs and throw them. You will be given a password after finishing a certain area for your checkpoint.

Deep Sea Hunter 2 takes you back once more into the cold depths of the sea, now with new thrilling features. Unlike before, you can finally finish quests by following the coordinates. Bosses will be guarding these treasures so you should be really careful. Kill various sea creatures as you dive deep into the sea and record them onto your archives. Collect the gold they drop so you can purchase new upgrades once you emerge again to the surface. Enhance your submarine’s hull, weapons and fuel tank so you can stay longer underwater against different sea creatures. You can also buy a gold magnet to collect your earning faster and easier.

Getting bullied by big guys is already a tough experience. But getting bullied even in your dreams is a challenge you need to conquer, here in Car Eats Car 2: Mad Dreams. What you need to do is to control and drive this toy car until you reach the gas station at the end. Your toy car can receive damages if you land upside down. And monster cars will also chase you and eat you up! Your best way is to drop bombs or pick up speed boosts before they reach you. Don’t forget those shiny diamonds because it’s your money to buy upgrades and gadgets.


Get a ready for a bloody battle to rebuild your home. Join these powerful bears in their missions to fight other barbarians here in Bearbarians! Your goal here is to complete all areas in the map by winning on the modes implemented. Some of these modes are Capture the Flag, or Team Deathmatch. Control your bear character and attack the enemies using your sword. You can also use guns to attack from afar. You can also choose what class you want to be; a mage, a bruiser, a scout, or a medic. And don’t forget to buy equipment for your team and command them to victory!