Old Cannon

Even with its old structure, its power is still the best to destroy anything. Join the demolition in this simple but challenging game called Dhoola – Old Cannon! The mission assigned to you in this physics and shooting game is simple; to destroy all the structures that will be given to you. Each level will have one structure to destroy. You are given a fixed set number of shots to destroy it. The buildings are already shaking too and you just need to wait sometimes for it to fall on its own. Once the structure is completely destroyed, you will be able to access the next level.

Fight until the last soldier left. That’s what you’re going to experience in this very action-packed shooting game mixed with strategy called Commando Assault. Unlike before, you now get to face the enemy’s base head on. Your mission is to destroy it so you can access the next stage. It will be tough fight alone, so you need to deploy units onto the battlefield. They will help you deal damage on the enemy’s defenses. You also need to shoot back to earn money. Once you have gained enough money, you will be able to deploy more soldiers, tanks, and airplanes.

Zero Gravity

A special agent is lost in space and is trying to head back towards Earth. Guide him with all your skills in this epic 3D action-packed game called Zero Gravity! Your objective here is to help him reach the portal on the end of the track. There will be lots of obstacles along the way and you should maneuver him to avoid getting damage missions to accomplish in each level. Use your weapons to shoot and destroy drones, turrets, and other enemies on your path. Complete the side missions and collect bonus coins so you can rack up your score.


If you just want the pleasure of riding on long roads or highways while enjoying the scenery beside you, then this game might tease you up. See if you have the skills in this 3D driving game called Motorun. The main focus in this game is compete with other motorbike racers. You will select the race track or route, and then the race will start. Each race track comprise of different areas and are very long, so you need endurance and patience. Try to win on the highest place so you can unlock other race tracks or routes with new locations.

Commando 3

I hope you’re ready for more action as the commando takes you back on the battlefield. Prepare your guns and get ready to fire here in Commando 3. The task in this game is similar to its previous sequels. You need to control your main character and invade the enemy’s territories. You have a wide range of weaponry that you can use, and each gun has their own damage and effect. Some of these guns lets you shoot at both directions. Collect any items you will find from the crates and destroyed vehicles. These items will add up extra points for you, regenerate your health, or give you ammunition.

Falppy Turd

The legacy left by the hit game Flappy Bird is still hitting the net! And this time, you will see a disgustingly fun game based from its theme! Spray the stink of fun here in Flappy Turd! The objective in this physics game is pretty simple but challenging. You need to control this flying poop or turd and make sure it survives. These poop will spray its stain on the wall as you fly for that perfect toilet. You are inside a sewer full of pipes and you must avoid these tubes or else the poop will die. See if you can reach that golden toilet!

Truck Rush 3

If you want for some adrenaline-pumping game, then check this driving game packed with a nice twist. Truck Rush 3 is not just your ordinary driving game. The goal here is to control your truck and reach the red flag on the end of the road. But it will be a very hard task to accomplish because of the moving obstacles. Some of these obstacles moves up and down. And some are even spinning opposite to your direction. You need to time your movements carefully or else you will explode, and start all over again from the very beginning of that level.

Farty Bird

The craze for the hit game Flappy Bird shook the world because of its sudden farewell. Now it left its mark into many games like this one. Check out the stinky sound of Farty Bird; a challenging physics game. The goal in this game is exactly the same like Flappy Bird. You just need to control the bird and make sure it will survive. Everything is in a doodle-like theme that makes it unique. As you progress on the game, you will be able to unlock keywords that can be used to change your bird’s appearance or add funny effects,