Ninja Miner 2

More challenges are coming to your fast ninja. See if you can finish the task one more time in this fast-paced ninja themed game called Ninja Miner 2. Just like your previous mission, you must get all the gems in the area in order to complete the level. But unlike your old version, you will need to avoid certain creatures. You will lose 1 life after hitting these creatures. There are also levels where you will need to obtain a water mask to avoid drowning. Your life will disappear little by little if you stay in the water. Solve these puzzles and become the best ninja miner!

The shrimps are looking for the items that can restore the withering tree and you must help each of them get out safely. Be patient as you aim them to safety here in Kick The Shrimp – a fancy arcade game with lots of challenges. The main focus here is to launch the shrimps on the hole. If you managed to get them all inside this hole the level will be completed. The challenge here is that they are spinning. Be sure to wait for the right angle and aim them to the hole. There are also teardrop-like items on the area that you can collect for perfect ratings.

You are now in the North Pole and familiar personality needs your skills for a certain mission. Pixel Quest: The Lost Gifts will take you to another pixel-art themed adventure and puzzle-solving. Just like your other version of the Pixel Quest game, the mission here is to move Rex the adventurer and make sure he reaches the exit to complete the level. Only the background and theme was changed to fit the Christmas element. The obstacles are still the same but you should still be very careful and try not to hit them. Finish the levels quickly to gain bigger points.

Show them the skills of your agility as a ninja as you move through the area. Eliminate your enemies with accurate hits in this simple yet challenging platform game called Sticky Ninja! The main focus here is to reach the door placed somewhere on the platform. But this door will only open up when you eliminated all the enemy ninjas or collected the treasures scattered around. Just be sure to aim your path carefully so you don’t hit the traps in the areas. You will gain extra bonus points for bouncing simultaneously. Finish the level quickly to gain extra points.

The greatest shape change is back but a witch has turned him into other forms of animals. Find the witch and get back to your normal state in this puzzle and physics platform game called Shape Shifter 2. Your main focus here is to control your character and see if you can reach the exit or door in the area. The level will be completed automatically once you get inside. The character has the ability to change to other different animals that will help you get past certain obstacles. These animals have their own weaknesses and strengths that you must check.

The professor found a new temple and he assigned you to explore this place. Explore the new area and try to avoid the dangers in this pixel-art puzzle and physics game called Pixel Quest: The Lost Idols! Your mission here is to reach the exit as safely as possible and as quick as you can. Jump on the platforms and avoid the spikes and lava. If you got hit by any of them, your character will get knocked out and restart the level. Good thing is that your adventurer can do lots of moves like crawling and wall climbing to avoid traps.

It’s an icy weather here in the north but you got to solve some challenges to help these pigs. Continue solving new puzzles and funny plots here in Piggy in the Puddle 3 – a simple physics and puzzle game with a new theme. The basin full of mud is still there and that is your goal. You must guide or make sure that the pig reaches it safely. Use the help from other animals by interacting with them and get the basin on the right position. These animals can also break platforms and other objects to help you avoid the deadly spikes.

And so the mud-splashing adventure for these pigs continues with new challenges to solve. See if you can still help them using your wits and gadgets in this physics and puzzle game called Piggy in the Puddle 2. The objective in this new version is the same with the older one. The main focus here is to interact with your little pig and make sure it rolls on the platforms to reach the basin full of mud. Try to collect items for perfect ratings. Some animals in certain levels can help you but you need to move quickly to avoid getting stuck.

The cute little pigs are having a craze on a puddle of mud. Get the help from every animal to get them there in this puzzle and physics game called Piggy in the Puddle! What you must do here is simply solve different challenges or puzzles in each level. The goal is to make sure the pig reaches and drops on the basin full of mud. It is simple right? But you will need to move fast on some levels because it requires quick reaction. If you get slow or delayed on your interactions, you might fail that certain level.

Evil bandits have invaded the town and all the villagers are taken into cages as prisoners. Help your brave hero rescue all of them in this physics and puzzle game called Red Warrior! The main objective here is to guide your hero and smash the cage to free the prisoners. The level will be completed automatically after that. Jump on the platforms and see if you can reach the other areas by climbing up the walls. If you got stuck on an area, you can use your Red Warrior’s ability to mirror the location. Use this ability to get all the gems and stars for points.